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Walter Mitty’s Bag

Ben Stiller’s “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, although tethered to New York, is a film that makes you want to head straight out of your living room and hit the road for an adventure (specifically to the incredible volcanic landscapes of Iceland!).

I watched it again at the weekend and I thought I’d see if I could find a bag similar to the one he’s given on a ship in the sea off Greenland and which features in a very memorable long-boarding sequence.

Here are some that come close:

Best Made Co Ditty Bag
best made co ditty bag
Best Made Co’s Ditty Bag is probably the closest you’re going to find but coming in at $124, you’re not going to be giving it away to random stowaways on your boat!

Pedlars Duffle Bag
Slightly more affordable at £79 and a bit bigger is this duffle bag from UK brand Pedlars.

HYKC Canvas Bag (Etsy)
HYKC canvas bag
This canvas bag from a seller in Hong Kong on Etsy has got the look and comes in at a very reasonable £35 but it’s hard to say from the photos whether it’d be sufficiently hard-wearing for anything more than a shopping trip.

The Daniel Drawstring Backpack
Another option from Etsy is this one from Italic Home in Oregon made (mostly) out of waxed canvas. At around £30 (excluding P&P) it’s a good deal and I suspect the rope could be re-tied to only meet the bottom of the bag on one side for an “across-the-body” rather than “backpack” style.

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