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School Of Life Journeys Journal

I have mostly good feelings about Alain De Botton’s “School Of Life” project. I think classical and contemporary philosophy and the commentary provided by artists, film-makers, theatre-makers, etc should be more present in our society’s conversation and politics – the questions “what am I for?” and “what does it mean to lead a good life?” are so fundamental to the way we see ourselves and our fellow humans, whether we consciously try to grapple with them or not, that we really ought to be better at tackling them.

I have a slight reservation that some of the School Of Life’s output can be obscure or esoteric to the point of being self-defeating in communicating the message but there are some great videos on their YouTube channel and some of their books (of which I’ve read these) are definitely worth a look.

As well as “developing emotional intelligence through the help of culture” they also do a nice line in stationery and they’ve recently released this “Writing As Therapy” Journal for Journeys. It looks like they plan to release a series of these journals for other themes such as “Projects” and “Night Thoughts” but for now only this one is available.

School of Life Journals

If you’re in the market for a nicely bound travel journal (interestingly it’s neither ruled nor square nor blank paper – it’s square-dotted!) then this one looks pretty hardy and will fit well on your bookshelf once you’ve filled it.

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